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About The Project

The Atlantis Token is a PoW-mineable ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, it is the new home for GPU miners. This is one of the few mineable ERC-20 tokens. Atlantis is a utility token that will be used to power our lending platform. The core idea behind the Atlantis is to build a system where we can help the community using our GPU mining funding platform. Atlantis will be for everyone, not just those with advanced technical skills. We believe that every individual should have access to the right tools and funds to be able to learn about mining and then start to build and operate their own mining rigs.


We will release the full roadmap for Atlantis Token in Q3 2018

White Paper

We are hard at working completing the whitepaper, it will be finished and released in Q4 2018

Atlantis Miner Loan Platform

We plan to launch the loan platform to fund GPU miners in Q1 2019


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Here are some features of Atlantis

Kingdom for miners

Atlantis will be used as the preferred payment method in exchange of computer hardware (GPUs, CPUs, motherboard etc).


Atlantis can interact with decentralzied exchanges such as Enclaves and ForkDelta as it is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts.

Loans to GPU Miners

We are building a platform to create loans to GPU miners, we are building up a source of funds that will be loaned out to people who specifically want to build GPU mining rigs.

Community Library

We are creating our own library of written and video tutorials related to all aspects of mining.


Our team has worked hard so far using our own funds and we will not have an ICO to raise capital. The only way to get Atlantis is to mine it.

Fair Launch

The launch will be announced in a public forum, this will give all a fair start at mining. No pre-mine.

Join the Discord server

Join the Atlantis community on Discord, interact with the devs and get the latest announcements first


Here are our current team members, if you are interested in joining the team, please contact @soulhacler on Discord


Project Development Lead




Technology Specialist & Project Development


Graphics Designer & Community Manager










Community Manager


Community Manager



Mining Pools

Current Atlantis mining pool list: UK Based - (Currently in beta testing - Pool will be live very soon)

Getting Started

You want to start mining Atlantis? Lets get you going then.

To mine Atlantis, you need an Ethereum wallet. You need to hold the private keys for your wallet, so using your Coinbase or Bittrex account or any other similar wallet will not work, you will just lose your tokens.

There are many wallets to choose from but we like to use MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or JAXX. We do encourage that you DYOR, as always.

On Metamask - Click "Add Token". Enter 0xd72F60b2E7649bBC5835d25e30Ef917f04D9131c in "Token Contract Address". It should auto fill "token symbol" with ATA and "decimals of precision" should be 8.

ON MEW - Click "Add Custom Token". Enter 0xd72F60b2E7649bBC5835d25e30Ef917f04D9131c in "Token Contract Address". In "token symbol" put ATA and "decimals of precision" should be 8.

Pool Mining Guide

If you want to start pool mining, watch this video or read to tutorial below:

Video coming soon

Guide coming soon

Solo mining Guide

If you want to start solo mining, watch this video or read to tutorial below:

1. Download MVISTokenMiner

2. Extract archive to any folder

3. Create an account at - backup your API key

4. Goto your extracted MVISTokenMiner - Edit tokenminer.ini

5. Edit Host with your API key:



6. Edit with your ETH wallet address and private key



7. Edit TokenContract Address


8. Edit gas amounts to what you want to pay to mine


9. Save the changes you made to this file

10. Run CMD (CTRL + R, type cmd and enter) and goto your MVISTokenMiner folder by typing

cd C:\Users\Atlantis\Desktop\MVISTokenMiner

11. Now, start mining by typing

tokenminer.exe -S -C -t 1

12. You will need some ETH in your wallet, to pay the gas.